Live Wire

Ritual Theatre with Lorca Simons
and 5RYTHMS® DJ Tom R. Schulz
Poland, Krakow, June 2-5, 2016

An investigation of soul
through the body

The unravelling - the revealing tale of the feet, the hips, the head, the hands and the breath - an unveiling of the truths discovered through the 5Rhythms, one body part at a time. A single thread is cast through space, invoking emptiness - a basket is placed full of blank pages, waiting for whispers and entrances. We will write, wonder and weather our way through light and shadow, footfalls and silences creating the Ritual Theatre of your/our stories detailed soulfulness. Furious dancing, mysterious humor and indelible visuals may occur.

Combining the embodiment practice of the 5Rhythms together with the ritual theatre work that Lorca and Gabrielle developed over last 20 years and bringing together physical gesture, story line and ritual. This is not about acting, it is about expanding your imagination and deepening your self-expression and the physical articulation of your body through theatrical action, seeking what is most alive.

Prerequisites: at least one weekend of 5Rhythms study or equivalent.


is an Artistic Co-Director of 5RT, the theatre wing of the 5Rhythms world. A place she has stepped into with her expansive Texan feet first. Born into an experimental theatre family she had her artistic beginnings at her father’s Hip Pocket. She has blazed through productions from Off Broadway to fringe, her talents can also be seen on television and film. Educated in traditional theatre she followed her instincts to the unique directing vibration known as Gabrielle Roth and a 19 year creative collaboration bloomed. She is committed to scattering the seeds of this transformative process.


Tom R. Schulz is a trained musician and began dancing the 5Rhythms more than 20 years ago. He took Gabrielle Roth’s „Waves“ Teacher Training in 2004/05 and her „Heartbeat“ Teacher Training in 2009/10. Tom is the translator of Gabrielle Roth’s three books ‘Maps To Ecstasy’, ‘Sweat Your Prayers’ and ‘Connections’ into German. He runs a weekly 5Rhythms class in Hamburg, Germany for 15 years straight and also teaches workshops.

Tom has worked repeatedly as Lorca Simons’ side kick at her LIVE WIRE and gains enormous joy and inspiration out of it.



June 2-5, 2016


Poland, Kraków, Polish Aviation Museum, Al. Jana Pawła II 39,


Thursday 7pm-9.30pm Open Wave led by Tom R. Schulz
Firday 7pm-9.30pm Live Wire led by Lorca and Tom
Saturday 11am-6pm Live Wire
Sunday 11am-5pm Live Wire


€135 includes open Wave Eve (Thu)
and Live Wire (Fri,Sat,Sun)
€125 for Live Wire only (Fri,Sat,Sun)
€17 / €12 lower price for students and single parents
- Open Wave Evening (Thu)

in order to book

Pay amount on Euro account number
PL 98 1030 0019 0109 7804 0163 3706
Account holder: Gabriela Kramarczyk, ul. Krakowska 74,
32-082 Zelkow, Poland
and send email with confirmation of your payment
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